Gentle Workout Videos

ANGEL workout videos blends the best of tai chi, yoga & pilates and generally work all muscle groups. However, each workout video has a unique character and is especially created to target specific muscle groups. It’s a perfect yoga pilates fusion workout to build strength, balance & mobility. So, if you want a restorative workout to tone up, burn fat and revitalize your body & mind, then this is for you. The signature slow & graceful movements of this relaxing tai chi yoga pilates fusion workout will invigorate you.
These gentle yoga sequence workout videos run for about 30-45 min. No equipment is needed and all fitness levels are catered for. Get your all in one restorative workout video to tone up & burn fat; quick office stretching exercises & yoga pilates fusion workout to build strength & balance.
Once you purchase the workout video of your choice, you will have instant access to the video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser from the device you purchase it on. You will need a proper broadband connection.


For your convenience and to suit your needs, we have made these options available to you.

Rent is a good option, if you want to give ANGEL workout a try or if you just want to try a specific workout video for a certain period of time. Rental period is usually from 30 days.

Subscribe is popular with those who do ANGEL regularly and those who like to have the different workout videos and incorporate them as part of their fitness program. It allows you access to all workout videos on offer. To subscribe simply click on the subscribe button on any of the videos and follow the instructions. You can subscribe monthly or annually and you can cancel any time.

Buy option gives you unlimited access to your chosen workout video(s).

Free option allows you free access to some of our video(s).







Would you like to diminish muscle tension, reduce stress and get fit while at work? If so, then  our Quick Office Workout Video is for you. These quick office stretching exercises is great for stiff muscles and will certainly help you rejuvenate and bring calm to your mind. It is a great stress relief stretching exercises at work. Minimal space is required and no equipment is needed. ENJOY!



A few stories from our clients.

  • client testimonial

    Annette Schmidt - Germany

    ‘’ When I first did ANGEL workout, I immediately saw the uniqueness of the program and decided to connect on LinkedIn with the founder, as I could see the serious wish of Ignatius – to change and help women get better body, mind and confidence. He helped me in a short time, to develop balance, coordination and fitness at the same time, I even developed better self-awareness and esteem through his help. Fascinating workout and good coach with impressive results. Thanks a lot!’’
  • Simonette Vaja - Australia

    Simonette Vaja - Australia

    ‘’ I am so excited to be participating in your beautiful ANGEL program and not only gaining a greater connection with my body, mind and soul – excitement and honoured to also have an opportunity to become an instructor. I loved your way of teaching theory and practical and Skype works really well – just like having you in my studio. I look forward to my next work-out and instruction.”
  • Helen Raggett - United Kingdom

    Helen Raggett - United Kingdom

    Ignatius is very passionate in his work and is currently developing a fitness program for women. He is kind and caring and I will certainly recommend his coaching. His fitness routine is suitable for anyone to do from home – definitely well worth trying
  • Cheryl - Canada

    Cheryl - Canada

    After trying ANGEL workout I feel amazing! I could totally feel my heart and chest open up and relax after much stress lately. It is just what I needed. I will be continuing with this beautiful graceful workout for sure. If you’re looking for gentle and fluid movements this is for you! Blessings.
  • Gladys Clancy - U.S.A

    Gladys Clancy - U.S.A

    Ignatius has a compelling dedication to helping women express their feminine energy and realize their potential for confidence, beauty and strength. Iggy believes happiness is a real possibility and he offers women wonderful ways to get there! I recommend his work.

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  • ANGEL’s online workout video platform allows you to access ANGEL’s unique workouts online- any time- for a limited period of time similar to watching a Pay Per View movie on your TV at home. These videos STREAM on your computer – they are not downloaded to play over and over. You can pay per ANGEL workout and access the workout for 24 hours or pay for unlimited access by purchasing a monthly subscription. Our partners at CLEENG make it possible for you to access and securely pay for ANGEL online videos anytime-anywhere!

  • Just select the online workout video of your choice and purchase option of your choice and follow the instructions to enter payment information through a Cleeng account.

  • Once you purchase the online workout video, you will have instant access to the streaming video. The video plays automatically in your browser from the device you purchase it on. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone to access the videos. You must have a proper broadband connection for the video to play. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection- please make sure it is a strong connection.

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