This Thing Called Success. 8 Simple Rules Of Success You Should Know.

What is success? What does it mean to you?

Success is choosing to live your life as you please. It is not a cataclysmic event or destination, it is a journey. A couple of good judgement executed regularly puts you on the path of success. However, the definition of success cannot be complete without the mention of failure. While we are eager to reap the fruits of success, we must also be willing to learn the lessons of failure. What is failure but a couple of errors in judgment repeated every day. The understanding of the lessons of failure is crucial to you been successful, so don’t be afraid to fail.

Some simple rules of success you should know.

  1. Know the rules: In pursuing success it is important to know and understand the rules to follow. The rules are often dictated by your conscience, beliefs, goals, environment etc. Do you feel good ‘’winning’’ at all cost? To truly succeed you should strive to play the game according to the rules you are comfortable with. The good news is that you make your own rules.
  1. Train: Like any game, you have to train hard to win. Training for success involves educating yourself, understanding your strengths and weakness and constantly finding ways to improve yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. So, get that education if you can, enrich your mind and learn as much as you can. You need to train your body, mind and spirit to play the game of success effectively.
  1. Balance: You will neither know nor enjoy true success without balance in your life. So make time to smell the roses. Try to create space in your life for your loved ones and feed your emotional, spiritual and mental needs. Learn to say, ”no” to those who seek to abuse you, but always take a moment to dance with those who appreciate you!
  1. Spirit of Fair Play: The first thing a martial artist does after a fight (sparring bout) is to shake the hand of his/her opponent regardless of the outcome of the fight, because there is never really a loser. They have given each other the possibility to sharpen their skills, consequently, improving their chances of winning in the future. This is similar with success. Sometimes, it is embedded in failure and should be accepted in good faith. So, while playing the ‘’game of success’’ with the energy of a bull dog after a cat, remember to have fun, accept the outcome, learn and MOVE ON.
  1. Follow your passion: When you follow your passion you will play the game of success enthusiastically. You will have a reason to wake up in the crack of dawn. When you fall, you will get up like a fit soccer player and keep going, because you are living your passion. The perseverance and doggedness shown in living your passion could be the difference between quitting and winning.
  1. Enjoy the Victory: It is important to recognize your achievements and allow yourself to bask in this exhilaration. You deserve a part on your shoulders for all your hard work and gains. Always chasing after the next big thing without taking a moment to appreciate what you have achieved could kill the beauty of your successes.
  2. Share: Sharing your knowledge, experience, time and ”wealth”, in itself is success. You will feel a certain satisfaction and joy money cannot buy when you empower and help another human being. In fact, the ability and willingness to better another person’s life could be the ultimate success of your life.
  1. Remain True: You should always embrace your authentic self and true essence regardless of your achievements. Do not allow your possessions or achievements to get in your head and control you. Take charge of it and stay firm in your roots, in this way you will have a blissful marriage with success.



Happy Success!